Rose Fairy Blended Essential Oil Roll-On / 玫瑰精靈香露滾珠 10ml

Item#: RL03

Charming rose plus neroil, rosemary, bergamot and geranium essential oils, in a natural blend of grape seed oil and wheat germ oil; effuses a sweet and alluring aromas and reveals endless feminine attraction. Can be used to relieves headaches and other alignments that cause discomfort related to stress.

(Comes with a pouch and is perfect for gifts.)


Ingredients: Neroli, rose, pure essential oils, wheat germ oil and grape seed oil.

成分: 玫瑰、法國橙花、迷迭香、佛手柑、天竺葵等純精油。

Directions: Apply to the skin, neck and wrist.


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