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Collagen Mask / 綿羊膠原妍白面膜 35g x 5pcs

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Collagen Mask / 綿羊膠原妍白面膜 35g x 5pcs

Item#: OV16

Specially formulated with CollTech TM Ovine Collagen, this is a first-rate Australian cream sourced from the veterinary certified tse-free sheep of Australia. It boosts the skin's collagen production and enhances its elasticity. Together with Whitening C, the skin looks firmer and more supple, giving it a “youthful bounce”.  


Ingredients: Rose water, Ovine Collagen (patent no.2003229362). L-ascrobic acid whitening complex, aloe vera extracts, seaweed extracts, rosehip shell extracts, grapeseed extracts, melissa extracts, St. John’s wart extracts, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rose neroli, ylang ylang, geranium, lavender, sweet orange, frankincense essential oils. 

成分: 玫瑰水綿羊膠原蛋白左旋C蘆薈萃取海藻萃取玫瑰果萃取葡萄籽萃取香蜂草萃取聖約翰草萃取荷荷芭油甜杏仁油 玫瑰橙花伊蘭伊蘭天竺葵薰衣草甜橙乳香等天然植物精油

Directions: Apply the mask on a clean face, wait for 15 minutes, and then peel it off gently. 

使用方式: 將面膜敷於乾淨的臉上靜待15分鐘然後撕下

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