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Aromatherapy Diffuser / 芳香療法負離子擴香儀

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Aromatherapy Diffuser / 芳香療法負離子擴香儀
Aromatherapy Diffuser / 芳香療法負離子擴香儀

Rose Crown Aromatherapy Diffuser is a form of nebulizer that takes essential oils and breaks them into separate molecules before dispersing the small molecules into the room. These smaller molecules can be more readily absorbed by the lungs and thus create greater therapeutic value than by use of other diffusion methods. Recommended by many Aromatherapists and thoracic doctors, and approved by IFA and ECO-CERT, diffuser (nebulizer) supply great therapeutic benefit than the use of other diffusers.

- 100% takes essential oils and disperse quickly into air.
- No water needed nor heat is required. This is the only form of diffusion method found to preserve the active and therapeutic qualities in essential oils for aromatherapy.

˙Knob precision control; could trun up and down accordingly.
˙Hand made glass rose; a distinct feature added for total elegancy.
˙New Elegant-white LED lighting projected from Diffuser Base.
˙New Zealand Pine made wooden box is graceful to keep or be gifted.
˙Elm made Diffuser Base has natural grained finish; durable and solid.
˙Gripping pad attached on bottom of Diffuser Base for extra firmness on ground.

Especially recommended, for your intimate care from day to night~!

1. Good Day Blended Essential Oil  35ml
Refreshing your mind Joyful & Active.
Ingredient : Mandarin Orange - is uplifting, relieving depression and anxiety and it engenders feelings of joy and hopefulness; Bergamot -  sedative yet uplifting, making it ideal for all states of stress related conditions; Neroli - instils a feeling of euphoria and its sweet floral smell brings you a pleasant day to start with.  

2. Nice Dream Blended Essential Oil  35ml
Comforts you for a good relaxing sleep.
Ingredient : Lavender - has a remarkable balancing effect relieving anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia and encouraging calmness and serenity; Sandalwood - gently soothes away anxiety and tension; Eucalyptus - refreshing smell to stimulate better circulation and is invaluable for all respiratory disorders.

3. Blended Essential Oil (assorted of 10) 10ml/35ml


產品特色: 特別增設LED燈,使用時會由玻璃底部散發典雅白光,除了方便辨識是否啟動,亦可做小夜燈使用 / 微調裝置,可以隨空間大小或濃度需求,來改變香味擴散大小 / 純手工精製玻璃玫瑰加金邊,宛如藝術品 / 紐西蘭松木外盒/ 櫸木實心底座 / 整片式防滑墊。


1 x Diffuser Base.(擴香儀底座/天然櫸木)

1 x Diffuser Glass & Top.(玻璃瓶身&瓶蓋)

1 x Diffuser Cleanser (95% Alcohol 10ml).(95度藥用酒精-清潔玻璃瓶專用)

1 x AC Adaptor (110v/220v depends on selling area). (電源轉接器110V/220V)


1. Insert Diffuser Glass into Diffuser Base firmly.

2. Pour 10-15 drops of essential oils into Diffuser Glass with Glass Top uncapped.

3. Plug in AC Adaptor to electric power and to Base. Turn the knob to start.

4. Turn off the knob when finish. *Do Not run over 24 hr. in case of damaging the rubber of pump in Diffuser base. 

使用方式: 將玻璃瓶身牢牢插入擴香儀底座,滴入10-15滴精油,插上電源轉接器,扭開旋鈕啟動擴香儀。

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