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Floral Microbead Luxury Scrub / 嫩白去角質花蜜軟晶 120ml

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Floral Microbead Luxury Scrub / 嫩白去角質花蜜軟晶 120ml

Item#: FA01

Exfoliant whitening!  


The Microbead Luxury Scrub is made with 100% organic certified all natural ingredients. It clarifies and gives your skin a healthy complexion by removing dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. It is highly recommended for healthy and radiant skin. It is unique because our microbeads are so small, that when applied,the person using it will not feel the beads actually removing the dead skin cells making this cleansing process non irritable or harmful to our skins. It will clean even the most cleanest skins by going deep into pores and removing dirt and allowing your skin to breathe. Immediate changes can be seen through the use of our natural ingredients. Your skin will become lighter in complexion, smoother, and more radiant than ever. Our customers all love this product when they first try it, some participating spas and salons carry this product as well. You cannot go wrong with our organic product, your skin will thank you for it.


The scrub clarifies and refines the skin by gently removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin clean and radiant. Applying once to twice per week is recommended.


Ingredients: Floral microbead, eucalyptus extracts, chlorophyll, evening primrose oil, hydrolase, jojoba oil, aloe, vitamin E, licorice, pectin, amino acid & hyaluronic acid.


Directions: After cleansing, apply Floral Microbead Scrub on the skin for dead skin exfoliation. Gently massage the skin while rubbing it to remove dead skin cells. Wash it off with water when you are finished. Close the bottle firmly after use and place it on the side.

使用方式: 清潔過後,使用去角質花蜜軟晶於臉上輕輕揉搓按摩肌膚的同時去除死皮細胞。完成後以清水洗淨。

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